Speech Therapy Testimonials


“We are very grateful for our son's time with Abby, his speech therapist. Abby is very goal-directed and able to cue us well with our prompting and strategies for our son. Even with remote learning, Abby would give great strategies and options to incorporate our environment and play into our sessions and communication. We appreciated her highlighting the in-between session goals and strategies at the end of each session to recap.  We appreciate her positivity, calmness, creativity, and quick-thinking. Our hearts are filled with joy to see the transformation in our son. Also, our son would look forward to seeing Abby each time with hollering out "Abby day!" -Sean, Arthur, Josh, Aedyn’s dads


“​​The information and coaching we received have helped us learn how to teach our children to engage and speak, and we have become better parents from it.” -Anonymous.

“Thank you so much for your professionality, smart strategies that you shared with us, your time and efforts with our son.” -Anonymous

“The support from you has been priceless and we are so grateful for our time with you.” -Anonymous

“Abby is an amazing therapist. Her techniques and strategies to help my son develop his communication is effective. I appreciate what Abby has done for my family.” -Jennifer M., Royal’s mom

“So much progress in sentence forming, following directions, pronunciation.” -Joanne E., Dante’s mom 

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