Supporting a Sustainable Future through Organic Play

Although plastic toys can attract children with their colors, research reveals there are effects of microplastics exposure on vital body systems, including the digestive, reproductive, central nervous, immune, and circulatory systems, during the early developmental stage.

In a study by Sonya Nedovic and Anne-Marie Morrissey (March 2013), evidence revealed that both adults and children overwhelmingly preferred natural elements.  Parents also reported reported positive child responses:

richer imaginative play

increased physical activity

Calm & focused play

Positive social interactions 

One of the materials that we value and love at Mango Elephants is cork.  Why cork?

  • Cork is self-regenerative, thereby preserving the forest ecosystem
  • Unlike most materials, cork is biodegradable. Cork breaks down completely without releasing nasty toxins back into the environment, and it can be repurposed and recycled
  • Each time cork is harvested; cork bark regenerates itself (and in doing so absorbs CO2)
  • Cork is 100% Natural, Eco-Friendly, Biodegradable, Waterproof, Lightweight, Thermal/Sound Insulated, Shock Resistant,  and Vegan!
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