Where Organic Play Inspires Growing Voices

At Mango Elephants, we are passionate about providing children with play items that utilize natural materials that not only bring joy but also promote a sustainable future. We believe that children's playtime should be both fun and eco-friendly, which is why we specialize in offering plastic-free products. 

Hi, I’m Abby!  I’m a Speech-Language Pathologist in San Diego, California.  I am passionate about helping children grow in their speech and language skills by incorporating natural elements such as items in nature, movement activities, introducing yoga and breathing in a fun and playful way.  Through my work experience, I have noticed that children can become overwhelmed when there are too many toys around them.  Many children enjoy the variety of textures and multi-sensory input they receive by simply being outside and interacting with organic materials or items found in nature.  My mission is to educate families on the importance of limiting plastic and providing them with organic materials that ignite their imagination and foster communication skills.   

Through our carefully curated collection of plastic-free toys and products, we aim to create a language-rich environment that also nurtures speech and language development. 

  • We understand the importance of using organic materials, which not only prioritize the safety and well-being of children but also offer unique sensory experiences that enhance their learning journey.

  • We believe in the power of play as a vehicle for learning and communication, and we are here to guide and inspire you along the way. Join us in creating a language-rich world for children, where organic materials and meaningful play experiences lay the foundation for strong communication skills.